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tel.: +351 262 505 540
tel.: +351 262 505 540



After more than 15 years of experience with technological advances and trends, how do you describe Paulo Coelho's lamps?
PAULO COELHO lighting has more than 20 years and, over this time, we have evolved in the sense of always following the trends and the technological advances, when applicable to our style of lighting, taking into account that our main raw material is the wood, so too, in this sector we try to keep up with the trends.

Where do you inspire yourself to create each piece?

The creation of our pieces is a joint effort with our designer João Graça, who has been working full time for many years in our company, and the creation comes from his own inspiration, adjusted to what is feasible, taking into account our type of production and style of our brand, which we intend to maintain.

Of all the markets you work with, which is the most attractive and why?
I can't identify any particular market, because we work with all, both in a greater or lesser amount, with the same commitment and willingness to satisfy every customer who seeks us and bets on our products. In the same way, the maximum satisfaction of our clients is the main bet of our company.

Looking at your accumulated experience, what are the positive and negative aspects of our lighting sector to you, if they are specific or common to all sectors?
Competition from the Middle East may have on the one hand taken us out of the market and the possibility of selling, but on the other hand, each company is increasingly betting on its own quality and design rather than on low quality products and low price. I think we must be faithful to this principle and turn around, betting on the differentiation and the quality of each product we produce, I believe that little by little the market returns to give more value to the aspect of design and quality.

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur / designer who would like to venture into lighting?
Always bet on the creation of different and quality pieces and always follow the technological advances, only this way you can unmark and beat the competition.

As Mrs. Susana is a Member of AIPI's Board, take stock of the work developed by the Association over these 20 years.
I think it is a positive balance, we all hope and we count on this support so that we can follow the evolution of the markets at the various levels, both on the commercial side and in support of our presence in international fairs of the sector, as well as being always aware of the requirements placed in our sector.